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Do I Need a Business Lawyer? (But First, Do I Need a New Business Structure?)

If you haven’t drafted an LLC operating agreement, you’re going to want to talk to a business lawyer as soon as you can. What’s an LLC operating agreement, and more to the point, what exactly is an LLC, you say? I’m glad you asked. Allow me to begin with a story. A former Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander—let’s [...]

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Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in a Startup: Is It Worth It?

Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in a Startup: Is It Worth It? It’s no secret that protecting intellectual property can be time consuming and expensive. When you’re just starting out in business—say if you’ve got a startup you’re trying to get off the ground—time and money are two things you probably can’t spare. According to the Lean Startup Methodology, focusing on getting [...]

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Writing your Memoirs?

You are a happy author and may be either in the process, or almost finished, writing a book that contains memoirs of some of your friends’ life experiences. Before you go forward to either distribute copies or publish it, have you thought about getting legal releases from your friends? You say that your friends [...]

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The law of habitability and residential property

MIAMI, FL- The law of habitability primarily protects renters of residential property. It is what makes maintenance of the property the responsibility of the landlord, who must comply with local building and health codes that, in aggregate, define habitability. The failure to keep a property in a habitable condition gives the renter the right [...]

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New Rules for Closing Residential Transactions

If a buyer of a residential listing applies for a mortgage loan on or after August 1, 2015, (now moved to October 1, 2015), new federal regulations will apply to the loan transaction. Generally, these new regulations will apply to all transactions involving a new residential mortgage loan. Cash and commercial transactions, even if [...]

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How to Buy Commercial Real Estate While Avoiding Pitfalls, Save Time, Money and Headaches

Why is it that sellers, brokers and title companies avoid talking about DUE DILIGENCE? The vast majority of investors, real estate brokers and commercial real estate professionals barely scratch the surface conducting their due diligence when purchasing commercial real estate investments. Investors are taking unnecessary risks and throwing money away or making bad investment decisions [...]

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Warning to Business Owners- Are You Protected? 9 Questions to Consider

Warning to Business Owners- Are You Protected? 9 Questions to Consider You probably started your business for a number of reasons whether it was business growth goals, asset protection, tax advantages, or a combination of these and other reasons. ​However, if you want the asset protection and tax advantages, you must follow certain formal [...]

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