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Gonzalez Law, a boutique law firm based in Miami, Florida was founded on a family tradition spanning 40 years of providing quality, efficient, and personalized legal services to business owners and their families. As we continue that tradition in a new era, we are redefining the conventional law firm model. By utilizing the latest technologies, our strategic relationships, and offering alternative fee structures we have set out to provide our clients with an ever more efficient and transparent legal experience.

LLC Liability Protection: Just Because You Have One Doesn’t Mean Protection

If you’ve ever even thought of starting a business, you probably know what benefits a Limited Liability Company can offer business owners. It’s in the name, after all—protection from liability. Not only can LLCs protect members from creditors seeking payments from company debts; they also protect the company from liability for the personal debt of [...]

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Do I Need a Business Lawyer? (But First, Do I Need a New Business Structure?)

If you haven’t drafted an LLC operating agreement, you’re going to want to talk to a business lawyer as soon as you can. What’s an LLC operating agreement, and more to the point, what exactly is an LLC, you say? I’m glad you asked. Allow me to begin with a story. A former Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander—let’s [...]

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